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• Name: 坂本直弥
• Name (romaji): Sakamoto Naoya

• Profession: Actor and singer

• Birthdate: 1983-Dec-10

• Birthplace: Fukuoka prefecture

• Height: 171cm

• Weight: 50kg

• Blood type: O

• Family: Younger twin brother (Sakamoto Kazuya)

• Band: ON/OFF (Debuted in 2007)

Naoya is more talkative than his brother and gives some of the sexiest expressions. He is as silly and funny as his brother but unlike his brother is not cryptive in blog entries and not very detailed about what he is talking about. By fans often called "Naoya" or "Nao" for short. He is seen as more masculine than his brother and like his brother notes he is the older one when introducing himself. Also, Naoya cannot seem to sleep without pajamas to the point of that he will sleep with them under clothes if he must. Overall, he is a Japanese heartthrob, how can you not *glomp that?

*For those who don't know what glomp is, it is a pounce-like hug normally done when one is excited which may cause the one being hugged to fall taking the bugger with them.
Naoya Sakamoto, the twin who may attack you easliy in a broom closet.

Naoya Sakamoto: *making brother laugh*

Girl: Awww...such brotherly love. <3

Naoya Sakamoto: *runs out of bathroom when bathing covered in suds* Kazuya take my picture.

Kazuya: O.O ... *takes picture*

Naoya Sakamoto: My eyes hurt...

Fan reading about it in blog entry: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Himi~chan가 작성 2010년 02월 16일 (화)
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