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1. a word used to describe a super intelligent mammal; it remains highly debated as to which exact species this animal belongs to, due to the close resemblance to human beings it is often defined within this category. It's true genetic makeup remains a mystery.

2. describing an elderly lady that has no teeth and very apparent gums.

3. a word used to describe a female that suffers from extreme obesity.

4. A fanatic of Melanie C music.
"Wow that was a suprisingly smart comment, must be a Mutiat...but I'm curious, why do they dress like that?"

"Everybody always worries about getting old, I don't mind as long as I don't end up looking like a Mutiat, I'm definately putting some on the side for dental surgery me!"

"I thought it was bad when she weighed 18 stones, now she's become Mutiat! I'm so worried, I haven't slept in months! I'm thinking we're gonna have to go for a gastrick bypass."

Them Mutiat's were stirring up trouble outside the Melanie C concert as usual. I think there must have been a few Geri Halliwell fans knocking about!"
Dj Chubba Wubba가 작성 2011년 08월 20일 (토)
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