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Muslimmed, or Muslimed, is the word describing the state in which non-muslim predominately white North American girls are subjected to insults, restrictions, and controlling behaviour from their devoted/hardcore Muslim boyfriend/husband whom is of middle-eastern descent, over six or more months.

The relationships demeans the girl into a mindless drone, stripped of all personality & desire of expression replaced with only the need to say or do whatever their Muslim boyfriend/husband requires so they will not be mad at her.

Signs usually include:
-Girl breaking off all contact with men (Sometimes including male cousins)
-Girl's wardrobe slowly changes until the entire wardrobe consists of sweaters and non-revealing t-shirts
-Girl usually tries to act like she isn't, but upon further importuning girl is extremely depressed + miserable deep down
-When confronted will usually take side of Muslim b/f; usually follows up with "but I love him"
-Girl appears sometimes obsessed with Arabic related things

Similar to physically abused wives/girlfriends, they have a damaged emotional need that makes them think they need that kind of abuse, which makes them stay.

Muslimmed women deserve little sympathy as they can (of could of) gotten out at any time yet they chose to stay and take the abuse and the emotional trauma. Muslimmed women rarely recover fully from the experience and many go on to lead empty lives.

Nine times out of ten Muslimmed women should be avoided at all costs.
Friend1: So how are you and Luisa?

Friend2: I just wasted four months of my life trying to make her see how the way she's being treated is disrespectful and inhumane, but she still stayed with him over me and used the excuse "I love him", even though I'm a better guy than him and am a better guy for her by a longshot.

Friend1: Damn man, that sucks.

Friend 2: Yeah. She's been Muslimmed.


*Friend1 looks at a girl walk by with a middle-eastern man holding her hand; notices she's wearing a sweater with sweatpants*

Friend1: Hey check that out
Friend2: Yup, muslimmed.
Poopy Mgee가 작성 2010년 01월 27일 (수)
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