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A female member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) who fits the stereo type of the goody-goody Mormon. She's very devoted to the Church standards. Can be used both negatively and positively. See also "Peter Priesthood."
Sarah is a total Molly Mormon. She never misses Sacrament Meeting on Sunday!
HollyVanGogh가 작성 2005년 07월 28일 (목)
Perjorative. Among LDS young men a Molly Mormon is a young woman heaven-bent on securing a Temple-worthy husband to support her and provide for the large (6+) number of children she wants to bear as quickly as possible. A Molly Mormon is a sweetly-smiling, seemingly retiring, docile, submissive young LDS woman who expects to be the controlling master of her household after marriage, training her husband to be attuned to her will, and encouraging him at every opportunity to execute his many church volunteer callings and submit to the ward bishop and authority, and is ambitious for his rise within the ward priesthood ranks, which determines her status among the other Mollys. The young LDS men fear her as a cunning sweetie-pie church-ambitious female shark on the make who expects her husband to perform his duties, even if it requires three jobs so that she can stay at home, with her children.

Aging married Molly Mormons tend to cluster outside the window of Utah department stores to police the display of naked mannequins when the fashion displays are updated. Nude mannequins draw the wrathful ire of elderly Molly Mormons, who serially march up greatly offended to the department stores’ executive offices to complain about disgraceful public nudity.

An aging Molly Mormon, sans makeup, was prominently featured in a 1966 STAR TREK TV episode, THE MAN TRAP, attempting to suck the life out of Captain Kirk at the climax of the episode when Dr. McCoy dispatched her with his phaser.
Spencer Christianson just graduated from BYU with his business degree and all the Molly Mormons have their sights set on marrying him at the Singles' Ward.
somuchpink가 작성 2013년 07월 19일 (금)
A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that actively follows and participates in their religion. This phrase traces its origin back to Las Vegas. Opposite of jack mormon
1: Is Katie coming to the party this weekend?
2: no dude, she's a molly mormon.
JFLV가 작성 2004년 11월 16일 (화)
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