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A dj that actually mixes or attempts to mix music together.A dj that takes two (or more) songs of the same or different genre and beat matches them together to harmonically extend or progress into a new song, therefore keeping a continuous flow of music.This can be achieved by mixing vinyl records on turntables, Cd's on on cd players or mp3's via a laptop unto turntables,or cd players.Talent is not based on what gear you utilize but rather on your music selection,your ability to blend the songs and your ability to read a crowd.Advanced scratching,beat juggling and other freestyle tricks puts you in the turntablist category.
A dj who only pushes play during or after a song is not a mixablist.
kokowash가 작성 2011년 06월 28일 (화)
A word coined by dj Snow of Washinton DC,USA to differentiate a dj that doesn't mix songs together from one that does.Everyone including their grandma is now a dj but very few actually can mix.Dj's that use software to do the mixing for them are wannabe mixablists.
The cheesy dj popping in cd's and pushing play at your aunt Trudy's wedding is NOT a mixablist.

The dj at your favorite strip club playing 80's metal between Misty's and Savannah's routine is NOT a mixablist

That famous international star dj you saw who plays a prerecorded set of the same song/s and pretends to be mixing is NOT a mixablist
Baktun13가 작성 2011년 07월 01일 (금)
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