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1. A small town in northern Oregon. Although not as high in baby-making junior-high kiddies as some of Milton-Freewater's neighboring towns, the only recreational activities (aside from the swimming pool, golf course, and being stared down by hideous frog statues around the town) to do there is to get pregnant/get someone pregnant really young or get high (i.e marijuana or meth)...

2. When most of the residences in "M-F" move out of the town and claim to never come back, most all of them move back to further breeding and using drugs (i.e marijuana and/or meth). Thus making this town a soul-sucking shit-hole.
Let's go to Milton-Freewater and rot there as meth-addicts!
Ambuga!가 작성 2008년 07월 07일 (월)
Milton Freewater is located in North East Oregon State. Often called M-F, M-F used to be the only hyphenated town in the USA, until the post officed dropped the hyphen.

The reason for the strange name: Originally there was only Milton. The founders of Milton wanted a "Dry" town (No alcohol). So a large group of folks decided to move a few miles away and start their own town--with alcohol. They got other folks to move from Milton by offering them "free city water hookup". Voila!--Milton Freewater.

They later realized it was stupid to have two small towns and combined.

Years ago two drunk drug addicts wrote "Muddy Frogwater" on the road sign heading out of M-F. Now the town has adopted this as its slogan, and all the business have carved/painted frogs out front. There are few real frogs in M-F, and it ain't real muddy.
Joey says: "Hey, lets get out of Walla Walla and go to the Muddy Frogwater Festival in Milton Freewater tonight!"
Sewneo가 작성 2010년 02월 27일 (토)
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