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The ghettolicious 'hoods of milwaukee .
Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson went from G.I. 2 da Mil-town 2 Hotlanta 2 Philly.
Nelly of Greendale가 작성 2004년 03월 06일 (토)
Yeah,,,,thats the horrifyin ghetto of Milwaukee,Wi (hence the MIL).HORRiFYiN fa sho,,Gangsta azz hood full of G.D.s Vice Lords, 4 corner hustlers , a few B.D.s and Black P Stones...Maily G.D.s.......City Where Pimpin was improved and taken to new heights.City where hustlers and players are bred...City of GAME...if u aint 110% real u gettin tossed out tha MIL! City of jumpdown hoes, dopefeinds, and suburban cops fuckin around in our "GHETTO" neighborhood like they understand life in the hood......City where nigaz ride old schools to boxes to bubbles wit candy paint drippin and multi colors flippin,,gold teeth grillin,,City where the spinner rims originated...Latrell Sprewells hometown.....My Hometown,,,,,,Mil-town= tha mutha fukkin hood,,,,,,dont believe me,,,take i-94west to MILWAUKEE exit 35th turn right..................Welcome to hell,,,,,Good Luck,,,,this shit aint no Punk!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd world countries,ghetto,the hood
Rome G가 작성 2005년 02월 05일 (토)
milwaukee wisconsin
we went clubbing in miltown lsat nigh
Joe Taylor가 작성 2004년 03월 11일 (목)
the city of milwaukee, wisconsin. anyone who lives there knows what it's about
I'm from that good miltown.
shontalea가 작성 2006년 05월 08일 (월)
The horrifying ghettos of Milwaukee, WI. People refer to this as Mil-Town because they are too lazy or just cant pernounce Milwaukee. It has been known to get shot in "Mil-Town" just by walking down the street, maybe even multiple times.You want some dust, you came to the right place.
A grandfather asked his grandson once "you been to mil-town lately" he replied with "yes i have been shot"
Dan가 작성 2005년 01월 15일 (토)
Slang for Milwaukee, usually implied as a sign of admiration or respect by Milwaukeeans for their "hood."

Mil is the monosyllabic abbreviated form of the Algonquin place name Milwaukee (meaning the "good land" -Alice Cooper), and although Milwaukee is a city by definition, it's more of a" town" since it lacks the character of typical "big city" living (i.e. no skyscrapers, no subways, etc), hence Mil + Town = Mil town.

In general it can be used specifically to identify with such areas as the downtown area or the ghetto core for example, but it can alternatively be used to imply Milwaukee the city (including all sub locals) and/or as a reference to Milwaukee County as a whole.

***Cultural Note***

Milwaukee has become the bastard child of the Midwest after having lost its sole claim to fame as the beer producing capitol of America. Today it is principally a sprawling ghetto with few remaining inhabitable safe zones. In fact, the term Mil town is a further bastardization that grew out of ebonicsized "Black English" spoken heavily in Milwaukee's ethnic ghetto. Since white suburban youth have a fondness for all things hood, naturally the term spread and today is in fairly common usage throughout the greater Milwaukee area.
Hoodrat 1:

Yo cuz, where you stay at?

Hoodrat 2:

D town milwaukee wisconsin
SHIT King Townn Bithes Fuck The Rest of D haters
LK+VL+Blood= MIlwaukee so if you aint that dont come near casue thats your last day youll live!!
^5^ popping
6 dropping
Mil Town stans for Milwaukke BItcheszzz
AnnaSthesia가 작성 2010년 05월 07일 (금)
An old sedative / muscle relaxer / anti anxiety medication. It was found to be dangerously addictive but was safer than the barbiturates which came before it.

Miltown has generally been replaced by good old Valium, Soma and other safer, more effective drugs.

The pills are mentioned frequently in the book "Mott The Hoople" which is where the band got its name from (The British band went on to give mega-star band Queen their start).

Mott, the main character, is addicted to Miltown and eats them constantly even while driving.

And yes, the drug was named after the town in NJ.
A good portion of the muscle relaxer Soma is metabolized into Miltown in the body, thus providing two drugs in one.

Damn, I'm gonna go to Miltown to get me some Miltown!

...And I'll be blasting Mott The Hoople while taking the pills.

Sheesh, good thing they didn't name a pill 'Allentown' or 'Levittown'. Those are two places that REALLY suck, and I'd imagine the drugs named for them would as well!
Actually they should just re-name Allentown "Crack Town" I think that's accurate and has a nice ring to it...
Big Gaspar가 작성 2010년 02월 23일 (화)
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