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n. A person who is one of the coolest and elite people that hang out on the IRC network of Sysnode.

adj. Used to describe how radical, awesome or cool something can be.
Mikal is great.

Jesus whiz, man. That's so Mikal.
Mikal S.가 작성 2005년 04월 27일 (수)
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A person who is awesome in all ways, shapes, and forms. A person superior to all, and inferior to none.
He acts like such a Mikal.


I wish I was Mikal.
Crazy With Style가 작성 2014년 07월 17일 (목)
Mikal means special male. Hes the most intelligent, confident, handsome, smart, hella sexy, loving male in new zealand. No one can fuck with mikal cause no one wants to. He touchs everyones heart. Hes a one of a kind and SUPERIOR to all others. Mikal will change your mentally, energy, thoughts and sometimes change your panties cause of how wet he made them.
Mikal is my salvation
fuck it. fuck you. fuck this.가 작성 2015년 03월 05일 (목)

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