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A really useless degree that has no practical use/no work out of it to the people who study for and earn it, or if they DID have value, they don't now due to overpopularity.

A few examples of a mickey mouse degrees are:

Media Studies
Business Studies
Art History

Yes, they may be interesting to study, but there's no pot of gold at the end of them.

Most mickey mouse degrees tend to be BA (Bachelor of Arts), whereas BSc (Bachelor of Science)/BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) degrees actually have real value and practicality. Although it may be noted that Law is BA.

BSc/BEng degrees include:

Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Jay spent thousands on a mickey mouse degree at his local university studying Art History. Although he found it interesting, he could find nowhere to actually apply this knowledge to, so he ended up in a Managers job at McDonalds instead, whereas his friend Korena studied Computer Science and got lots of good work offered to her by various schools and business coding networks, as well as an offer by a computer company to help them set up a brand new Operating System. Why? Because her university major was PRACTICAL and USEFUL.

Pick your GCSE's, A-Levels and degree choices wisely, kids!
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