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Probably the best friend you'll ever know. Mehers are always extremely lovely, and loyal. They are very rational and tend to hide there emotions, usually relying on their high intelligence to work out problems. They are generally control freaks, but still have alot of fun. They are usually very pretty, but this is overlooked because of their lack of flirtatiousness. They are very talented culturally, but mostly in academics. They will go far.
Person 1: Did you see Meher got 100percent in her test??!!
Person 2: Yeah, I'd hate her if she wasn't so lovely.
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YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYXXX가 작성 2011년 06월 18일 (토)
A word only the very best people in the world can use. Mehers is a noncommittal shrug, but in the form of a word. To use the word must be awesome. Absolutely awesome.
Person 1 : Hey, how'd you do on the Physics test? I got a hundred!

Person 2 : Mehers.

Person 3 : Wow. You are fucking awesome, man. And STFU person 1.
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BCAknows가 작성 2009년 05월 09일 (토)
Meher...what to say about her? She's a person any guy would take a bullet for. Meher is the coolest girl you'll ever come across, and her sass is so much to take in for anyone. She's straight forward, and if she doesn't like you, she won't talk to you, it's that simple for her. She is decent, fragile and a little blunt at times. But if you take, "She cheer captain there, I'm on the bleachers." She is definitely the cheer captain. She is extremely nice to people who are nice to her, and she'd always be there and give you a shoulder to cry on, even if they Meher is not your friend. She is the prettiest girl, and her smile can take a breath away. Many people do hate her secretly, but that's just cause she is different. A very good student, a responsible family member and honestly the best friend anyone can ever have. If you've met a person who'sname is Meher, just never let go, they are exceptionally ordinary but the best people you can ask for. Everyone should look in to a Meher because she isn't as bad as she seems.
Me: Wow you're so good
Meher: Katy Perry is impressed too thanks
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thatdutchgirl42가 작성 2015년 05월 14일 (목)
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