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The act of being cute and/or cuddly on a high scale.

Or the act of being excessively stupid.
Example 1:

Man: Have you seen those pictures of you last night?
Woman: No!?
Man: Yeah, you were such a meagle in them.

Example 2:

*After breaking her glass by dropping it"
Woman: Oops! I'm such a meagle!
Hadouken!93가 작성 2011년 08월 08일 (월)
Found only in remote sections of rain forests, this mystifying creature has eluded scientists for centuries. Only recently has mankind been able to track down and categorize the Meagle.

A cross between a monkey and an eagle, the Meagle has the cunning predatory skills of an eagle and the opposable thumb of the monkey.

Tribes native to the area also believe that this stunning creature possesses magical powers. For centuries, they say, humans have been unable to capture this animal because opon sight of it, people break into uncontrollable laughter. It is said that only members of the Sadaites are able to resist its curious charms.

All that is known about the heritage of Meagles is that they can only be conceived through the combination of a Maunt and a Duncle. The origins of Maunts and Duncles are not known.
"Hey, look its a Meagle! Lets go ... " - breaks into laughter.
Duncle Tim가 작성 2011년 02월 11일 (금)
To make sexual advances on a girl, while being intoxicated/high. A sloppy version of mingle. I guess ladies can do this too.
White Boy One: Hey man, ima gonna go to that fat chick over there and meagle on her. Ima gonna fuck her in the *s* tonight.
White Boy Two: Dudsky she has herpes sores.
White Boy Three: Awww thats gnarly. Wait a minute, I can't see them, ahh gross.
All but one: Aww he's actually doing it.
White Boy Three to Two: I owe you five washingtons brodzilla.
djsillycrotch가 작성 2010년 02월 28일 (일)
taking a gigantic hit of weed from a bowl
wow, mannn, thats was quite the meagle
Argyle Socks가 작성 2003년 07월 13일 (일)
The act of meeting the opposite sex while drunk and intentionally making them feel uncomfortable by telling them you want to Meagle them.
Hey fellas, lets go Meagle some bitches!

I saw you accross the room, and was thinking about Meagling you and your DUFF at the same time!
VSkizzle가 작성 2007년 02월 02일 (금)
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