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The public high school in the Millcreek area of Erie, PA. Full of two-faced bitches, druggies, fakes, skanks, sluts and hoes. Two girls will hate each other one week and be "BFFS" the next. It's harder to tell apart a true friend from a fake one than finding a pin in a hay stack. Nothing can be kept a secret. If you tell one person something, you better bet the whole school will know by the end of the week. Drama, drama, drama. Cat fights happening every week, with the occasional bitch fight. The easiest task to get done there is getting weed. And the teachers are asses.
Bob: I saw 2 bitch fights already this year and it's only the first month of school!

Jeff: Oh it must have been at Mcdowell.

Bob: You guessed it...

Classic example of two friends at Mcdowell

Tina: Omg don't you just hate abby, she's such a pot head.

Taylor: 1st of all weren't you her best friend yesterday?

and 2nd of all nah every one be smoking weed.
datt bitch가 작성 2010년 10월 11일 (월)
1. A Black McDonald's especially in the hood.
2. A slang term for McDonald's came from the movie "Coming to America."

I'm finna go to McDowell's and get me some of them double cheeseburgers. You wanyt something back?
anti-matter가 작성 2007년 05월 04일 (금)
Irish surname, derived from MacDougall.

Name of an Irish clan, many of whom came to America, mostly during the The Great Potato Famine beginning in the 1840's, Ireland. The famine Came to be known as Black '47 due to the substantial amount of deaths that occurred from starvation in 1847.

Upon arrival many Irish shortened their surnames one way was to drop the "a" from Mac to Mc. Depending on pronunciation of the Irish name from the Gaelic tongue, many opted for phonetic spelling, thus MacDougall, sounding more like MacDowell, or MacDowall simply became the American spelling.

McDowell can be seen in numerous variations;

MacDowell, MacDowall, McDowall etc.
"Andy MacDowell is a beautiful actress" , "Roddie McDowall made numerous movies as a youngster", "Nicholas McDowell is a terrific writer".
Cool Koala가 작성 2009년 04월 30일 (목)
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