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Otherwise known as Maryboring. A piece of shit town in Queensland that sucks in every way when compared to its neighbour, Hervey Bay.
Bombards people with its shittiness when they drive through to get to the 'Bay.
Has a ratshit shopping mall, a few shit schools, a turd filled river, and is full of arseholes & wankers.
The only good thing coming out of it is the highway.
Oh look at us, we live in Maryborough, we have 17 pubs, and they're all shit, how the fuck does that work?
The Stim Dog가 작성 2008년 10월 29일 (수)
A piece of shit town, aka (Bogan Central) where rapists and drug users live their putrid lives. Everywhere you turn, there is an inbred, lurking in the corner, watching you. The only benefit you get from visiting that town is feeling like a queen because you're the only pretty person there. Maryborough has the power to give you self confidence. And also you're not a pure-bred like 90% of the Maryborians (people of Maryborough).
"Oi Aimee! Did ya see that hot chick walkin' down to the Maryborough police station?"

"Yeah! I know her! She lucky she ain't inbred like me ay cunt"
jesus_condom가 작성 2014년 10월 04일 (토)
Best place to live in Queensland. One of the few places where you can get a big meal, drink and desert for about $10. Mary poppins wishes she lived here and well she kind of did at one point. Short drive from Hervey bay and Rainbow beach.
Lots for the history buffs. Was the second largest port of immigration after Brisbane in Queensland during the 1800's. So when your catching a king fish, in a winding river that looks like it would of 100 years ago....thats Maryborough.
Guy: Hey did you see that guy catching that whopper king on tv the other day.
Girl: Yeah he was in Maryborough.
Cupcakerrr가 작성 2011년 12월 02일 (금)
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