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The name “Mandy” derives from the Latin “Mandum”, meaning “projectile”.
Alternatively, the name “Mongeon” derives from colonial French, meaning “to slap”.
For this reason, the name “Mandy Mongeon” is common within the French speaking regions of Canada. However, due to the cultural association of Canada with Ice-Hockey, Mandy Mongeon can be re-iterated from “projectile slapper” into the adverb “puck-slapper” (whereby a hockey player makes contact with the puck by forceably slapping it).

Not only does the name hold cultural sporting reference to Canada and the NHL, but a recent study by McGill University concluded that persons named as such (from birth) were 77% more likely than others to feel culturally inferior because of their French ancestry, and wish they were instead of British or American origin.
Because of such psychological inferiority, a Mandy Mongeon will likely be involved in violent crime, or alternatively, participate in high impact sports (such as football, kick-boxing or rugby) to inflict pain on her relative counterparts, simply for the resentment of being French-Canadian. As a result, such characteristics develop later on in life, and manifest in the form of taking pleasure in other people’s pain. When this theory was tested at McGill University in 2010, a subject (unknown to be an actor) was instructed to fall off a wall into some cedar chips. Of all the spectators, only 1 person laughed hysterically; a junior named Mandy Mongeon.
Person 1: "So you play hockey ey?"
Person 2: "...and rugby. I pretty much like to inflict pain in sports ey?"
Person 1: "'re like a Mandy Mongeon ey?"

Person 3: "That poor man just had a car accident"
Person 4: "Hahahahahaha.....that's amazing"
Person 3: "How is that amazing? He could have died!"
Person 4: "I dont know...i just find it funny. I guess i'm too much like a Mandy Mongeon".
jskinner003가 작성 2012년 08월 16일 (목)
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