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more attractive than the moon, fun to be with and has large innocent eyes
mahwish가 작성 2003년 09월 13일 (토)
chand ki gradish
the attraction tht makes u look at the moon:)
mahwish가 작성 2003년 10월 31일 (금)
Cute brown girl that everyone loves more than anything and looks cute in everything shes wearing. Silly and fun adorable kid lyl Mahwish
Hoochie가 작성 2003년 04월 08일 (화)
Girl who says the wrong thing that happens to be wrong in more ways than one.
Mahwish-"heyy baby"
Boyfriend-"Lets have phone sex"
Mahwish-"I wanna put your pussy in my dick"
CBlock가 작성 2008년 02월 19일 (화)
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