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Musical Theatre Tourette's Syndrome.
(a.k.a. Musical Theater Tourette's Syndrome)

The act of randomly breaking into song (or song and dance) during conversation; most commonly seen in musical theatre actors.
An outbreak of MTTS is often followed by numerous actors in earshot joining in, making MTTS the only contagious neurological disorder known to exist. MTTS is also believed to have the fastest transmission rate of any known contagion, know to infect an entire room within half a measure.

Often, actors are falsely diagnosed with MTTS because they are really only: a) showing off their knowledge of musical theatre, b) secretly auditioning for any directors that may be in the room, c) drunk, d) just generally annoying and are living up to their reputation.

However, many scientists have concluded that; for non-musical theatre people (a.k.a. normal people), there is no such thing as a falsely diagnosed actor and hence all musical theatre actors are inflicted with MTTS, regardless of their intentions.

The most common side effect of MTTS is being asked to leave a restaurant.

Other reported, but unconfirmed, side effects are: a.) being told to shut up b.) being the target of food thrown from across the room/restaurant c.) having people roll their eyes at them d.) never being invited to parties e.) being expelled from the "cool people table" f.) never being cast in another show.

In extreme cases it has been reported that actors inflicted with MTTS have actually been "de-cast" from a show, even during the run of the show.

There are no known treatments for MTTS.
David1112 (Seattle Slew)가 작성 2012년 04월 18일 (수)
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Multi-Table Tournament
The World Series of Poker is the most popular MTT.
NYCRounder가 작성 2008년 08월 24일 (일)
Acronym for "Man Tank Top". Identical to the wife-beater which should only be worn by females. The kind of "man" that wears this is typically cocky and think they have a jesus-like physique.

Also can be used as nickname for said type of males.

"LOL did you see Grant wearing a MTT on friday?!"

"MTT strikes again!"
aquinashaniqua가 작성 2009년 02월 26일 (목)
Means: Hmong Thailand in the Hmong language. Used by dumb American hmong people who cannot spell in the hmong language. It should really be spelled HTT for Hmong Thailand. It refers to Hmong people who were born in Thailand and moved to the US. Similar to FOB.
He's so lame and mtt.
KalvinHang가 작성 2010년 08월 10일 (화)

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