The female version of a "Womanizer". Someone who uses men and throws them away like dirty torn, underwear. A woman who in place of a man would throw away a dirty condom.

A flirtatious woman!!
Damn, everytime that girl walks into that room full of guys she checks them out like a bitch in heat. Damn, that Betsy's such a MANIZER!!!

That girl likes to fool around with me. I hate it because I see her doing the same thing with every other man I see her with. She's such a MANIZER!!!

That chick could put out with 100 guys daily she's a big time MANIZER!!
Joe Jr.가 작성 2004년 02월 17일 (화)
Top Definition
A woman who uses a man sexually for her own benefit or until some personal interest has been satisfied.
Danielle is a manizer who has sex with men just to get what she wants.

Emily has sex with men just to pass the time and she has no concern for their feelings...she's such a manizer.
#womanizer #skank #slut #prostitute #hoe #bitch #cunt #witch #temptress #enchantress #danielle #emily #selena
Joe24가 작성 2006년 03월 07일 (화)
1. A girl who is usually attractive and uses that to her advantage to attract male attention just like hot guys do. Is it any different than what womanizers do? Nope its exactly the same so why is it wrong. Its not ppl will sometimes INCORRECTLY label these women as whores bc they are either jealous or sexist pigs who still think women should not have the same rights and expectations as men.If men can be womanizers and be praised 4 it why cant women....
2. In my personal opinion a womanizer does not kiss and tell like a manizer does bc she knows what is expected of her and is smart enough to realize that she will be incorrectly labeled a whore in todays day and age.
3. Also 4 the sake of poor innocent men who cannot control themselves a manizer warns a guy beforehand about how far to go or not so as not to appear as a tease. AND a womanizer in my opinion is still not a whore bc she doesnt go around being attracted to and sleeping with every thing that walks.Obviously she tries to remain a lady but whats wrong with a lil fun ?
guy:Dayum that girl i met is a manizer, i wanna date her but she wants no strings strange she acts just like a guy?
#maneater #tease #chick #girl #idk
manizer haha가 작성 2009년 01월 05일 (월)
A girl who sees different men at the same time just for fun, nothing serious, and uses them for sex and that is it, uses them for her guilty pleasure.
Shes a Manizer.
#womanizer manizer #sex #using them #no hard feelings #girls
sexilicious가 작성 2008년 12월 11일 (목)
When a woman uses a man for sexual favors and never intends to return the favor. A woman who leads men on for however long she feels, until she does not need that man any longer.
A boy comes over to spend the night because she just wants to cuddle. That's it. Doesn't talk to him for days til the manizer s lonely again.
#womanizer #good girlfriend #really bad girl friend #user #player
Lennie Lay가 작성 2009년 03월 22일 (일)
A female who will use guys to get what she wants.
Ally is a manizer.
#woman #womanizer #manboobs #slut #hoe
CHUFF3RS가 작성 2014년 09월 25일 (목)
The female equivalent of a womanizer. A girl who pretends to love men and mean it but really she just wants them for her own selfish purposes and will say anything they can to make sure they sound bad. See Taylor Swift
Guy #1: Did Taylor Swift break up with her boyfriend again?!?
Guy #2: Yeah. She also just released a song potraying HIM as the bad guy and is telling everybody that it was HIS fault, which anyone with half a brain wouldn't believe.
Guy #1: What a manizer!
#taylor swift #harry styles #taylor lautner #men #player
Keep On Truckin' Peepz가 작성 2015년 08월 09일 (일)
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