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A town in Washington state that no one knows about.
Guy: Where you from?!
You: Lynnwood.
Guy: Where dat?!
Te Posmokah가 작성 2008년 04월 05일 (토)
Located in the 425 this Seattle suburb isn't that bad of a place to live. Fun house parties and good dro what more could a young guy ask for? Not as stuck up as the Muk or Dedmonds cause our families work for ours. That being said there are some scammers to watch out for. Oh and watch out for fake ass Edmonds hippies they never got the good dro. They're just some fake ass rich kids tryna rebel.
What's poppin' in Edmonds?

Not shit, just the beach. That's why it's called Dedmonds.

Let's find a party in Lynnwood get stupid drunk and blow dro all night
Washington Grown, Never Flown가 작성 2010년 06월 08일 (화)
The land of the 425.A sick ass town in Washington. Not exactly the ghetto, but we don't got any Richkids over here. You could go hangout in pussyass Edmonds or bitchass Mukilteo, or you could hang in the Lynnhood. See "Gangsters". And contrary to popular belief there are not THAT many asians here, especially not at Alderwood mall.
Guy 1-"Yo Lynnwood is the shit"
Pussy/Richkid/Guy who lives in Edmonds-"No! someone might try to steal my Mercedes Benz! Let's go Edmonds and watch the ferrys!"
Niggerhatinme!가 작성 2010년 05월 12일 (수)
A high school in a suburb of Lynnwood, Washington.

It is known as the worst high school out of all schools in Edmonds School District (behind Mountlake Terrace, Meadowdale, and Edmonds-Woodway).

All of its sports suck, except for girl's basketball which won state championships in year 2015.
Also the poorest school in the district because of the diverse background of the students. Rich kids here are a rarity, and there are never any students from private schools that transfer here (they go to all the other schools in the district).

Even those families that live within the school boundaries make haste to transfer their kids to other schools in the district. Drug use is very prelevant here, the most common being weed.
The majority of the male students at this school are very perverted, with some even openly watching pornorgraphy during class.
There's not much of a typical high school social hierarchy here; just small groups that interact with each other. Students are not as attractive or smart as other high schools.

In conclusion, Lynnwood High School is a mediocre school with mediocre students that will lead a mediocre life.

No one here ever does anything unusual or exciting.
*in a regional high school meeting*
teacher: Now we will introduce ourselves and what high school we come from.
student 1: My name is Bob and I come from Lynnwood High School.

*student 2 whispers to his friends*: It's that ghetto school

*Family on Zillow searching for a new house*
Wife: Honey, isn't this house pretty good?
Husband: Ye- wait no! The assigned high school is Lynnwood high school. We can't let our son go to THAT school.
IonlySpeaktheTruth가 작성 2015년 04월 26일 (일)
A city in Washington that thinks they are better than their surrounding cities like Edmonds or Mukilteo, but it really just sucks.
Fuck Lynnwood lets go hang in Edmonds
he aint ever lookin cheesy가 작성 2009년 07월 26일 (일)
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