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Luna Bella develops and manufactures new-generation children for the elementary, junior, secondary and post-secondary evolutionary markets. Her innovative techniques are used to measure, monitor, protect and improve critical processes in the children she serves. Through her less-than disciplined anti-capitalist child development model, Luna has become a recognized leader in transitioning children to "people we want to hang out with in the future."

Some who have benefitted from the work of Luna Bella, have described her as the much-needed underground superhero of the Lower East Side. Though she may not leap buildings in a single bound, she performs many more subversive actions which help her community in innumerable ways.

Many have disputed this title, especially one we will call Dr. LP--arch nemesis to the heroic Luna Bella since their "eye-opening" first meeting when Luna was just a child. However, to back up our use of the word "superhero" we will examine briefly her qualifying defining factors: 1)Her Mission to Benefit Humanity: Luna Bella has worked her entire life with people in her community to impact positively their quality of life. 2)Superpowers: Though at one time not considered to be traditional "super powers," Luna's unwavering patience, understanding, and unconditional support--in the present, apathetic state of our society--can be considered as such. 3)An Identity Consisting of a Codename and a Costume: Though we, and the community at large, know her only as Luna Bella, it is believed that she has many other names. However, as their origins are in a strange, foreign tongue (yet to be discovered by linguists) they will be left out of this analysis. And, needless to say, her costume is something that everyone appreciates about her. It is part of her public identity. Her bright colors, sunglasses, and ever-changing hair color make her easy to spot and yet seemingly innocuous at the same time.
1) "Luna Bella, what would we ever do without you."

2) "Wow, Dr. LP is being truly awful today...I sure wish Luna Bella were here to save us."

3) "I don't know what my little Suzie would have done without Luna Bella in her life."

4) "Mom, look! Luna Bella taught me how to build a waterfall! Isn't she amazing?"
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