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A rare disease which affects relationships of love. It can only be caught by people of the female gender, emo, and are "lil ones", who also are a "PW" (The need to intercourse). Symptoms include Jealousy, Schizophrenia, Delusion, Psychosis, Thought disorder. These symptoms cause the patient to hate people of the same gender.
Typically, the patient doesn’t want the loved one in any contact with girls what so ever. Such action, for example, the loved one greeting the arrival of the opposite sex, can have unprepared consequences and will trigger Mood Swings, Running Mascara and produce pictures of self harm which will be shown to people(EXTREME Attention seeking).
"I dont want you talking to the lil girls"
"Delete them off myspace"
"Dont txt them"
"Dont play games with them"
"Delete their numbers off your phone"
"Dont push my boyfriend away from me by asking him to greet a girl"
"Dont type "xxx" he has a girl friend you know"
"Your doing a liv"
"Your thinking like a liv"
"Seek medical attention liv"
"Oh noes its the Liv Syndrome"
"You are diagnosed with the Liv Syndrome"
"Stop it oLIVia" (can add the PW after)
Turk666가 작성 2006년 07월 12일 (수)
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