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A bunch of fucking nobodys, who think there really cool, and rich. There all slutty whores, or ugly wanna be guys who look like they have been smashed in their faces with bats. Known for there big noses. They dress in North Face, looking like NERDS, and fucking ugly shoes that nobody has ever seen before. Everyone acts like there really cool, and have friends, when there just friends with the same nerdy people that all need to get a life. The highschoolers at Adlai E. Stevenson like to fuck anything with 2 legs and party. They all walk slow and need fucking exercise, Lincolnshire doesn't even have good sidewalks cause they don't want to spend the money making them if all these fat lazy asses just like to sit at home and go on Facebook. There roads will never get done because people fuck them up. WEATHER sucks.. And so does life here. Nobody here can sing. And they think a A- is something to cry about. Like to go tanning and turn ORANGE.
Emily: "Wanna hear me sing?"

Allison: "You fucking kidding me?? You are from Lincolnshire? YOU CAN'T SING!"

Emily: "You are too. What did you get on your Math test?"

Lindsey: "A- I was one away from failing." *starts bawling like a fucking baby.*

Allison: "Lindsey want to go fuck some guys with me tonight and make videos and post them on Facebook?"

Lindsey: "Sounds great! Right after I go to the tanning salon, my orange is fading"


Allison: "Doesn't care, nobody fucking cares we are from Lincolnshire, IL were fucking nobodys so shut up."
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