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To most, Lexington, Massachusetts is the historical town that is the home of the Revolutionary War. To those who live there it is the snobby suburban town that their parents moved out to from Boston in attempt to raise their children with the best public education possible in a nice quaint suburb...But in turn, these parents populated a magical place full of booze, hot drunk girls, lushes, weirdo liberal freaks that over populate lexington high school, stoners, ignorant moronic cops, destructive house parties, even more destructive woods parties, BMWs, hair salons, bagel shops, and obnoxious overprivledged children hell bent on pre-college destruction. A truly delightful place to reside.
Lexingon, Massachusetts: overpriveldging and spoiling it's abercrombie wearing teenagers one liberal at a time.

"Lexington Barbie : This trendy homemaker Barbie is available with your choice of Lexus SUV or Ford Windstar minivan. She gets lost easily and has no full time occupation or secondary education. Traffic jamming cell phone sold separately. Optional matching gym outfit."
lex vegas가 작성 2005년 04월 05일 (화)
A relatively pleasant suburb outside Boston, MA. The majority of its residents use better spelling and grammar than the authors of the posts above. Most of us are not unintelligent douchebags.
Dissillusioned, overpriveldging, slutty at times but devilish at times, there is truly Hundreds of LHS students, etc. are not terms/phrases frequently used by people who actually live in Lexington, Ma.
AN0NYM0U$가 작성 2007년 12월 02일 (일)
A wealthy suburb of Boston with loads of Jewish people and Asians. There are also a good number of Indians. Lexington High is nasty at finesse-type sports like soccer and play a finesse game in lacrosse, but aren't very successful in football or wrestling.
People from my town think lexington, ma is 100% Asian
Roberu가 작성 2007년 05월 28일 (월)
It is true that Lexington is a town with many spoiled, drug and alcohol ingesting, idle teenagers, but it is also a breeding ground for creativity, dissent, and intellectual development. In the classroom, achievement-based curriculums leave students with skills to work hard, but with very little substantial knowledge. Thus, a significant (but still unfortunately small) group of students choose to be productive outside the classroom, pursuing musical, artistic, literary, and scientific endeavors independantly.

It is in the opinion of this contributor that the other entries on this page are biased. Although many lexington students are Abercrombie-wearing, Bud Light-ingesting, marijuana-smoking losers with rich parents, there are many types of youth in Lexington. There are the ones described above, there are over-achievers, there are heroin addicts, there are trippers who think they can buy peace, love, understanding, and the secrets of the universe for 3 bucks a hit, there are speed addicts trying to save their academic careers by shoving powder up their noses, and there are regular people who just want to get out of suburbia and go to college to make a life for themselves.

Just like anywhere else, Lexington is an incredibly diverse town that DOES have a great school system and unfortunately has a SMALL number of dissilussioned or naive, immature youth who think that they have to drink and party and fuck to have a good time. Most of us want to be cool and get out.
Lexington, MA is filled with a variety of youth. See above for examples.
DaRuma가 작성 2007년 01월 04일 (목)
Suburb outside of Boston known for its Revolutionary war history. Huge property values are reflected in the supposed quality of the public schools, which are in turn a breeding ground for the apathetic and dissilusioned youth of a rich town who have nothing to do but smoke pot, get drunk, and fuck up in school.
Some kid from Lexington is probably getting high right now on ye olde belfry.
Sumwun가 작성 2005년 08월 22일 (월)
A upper class suburb north west of Boston Massachusetts. It is known by most historians as "the birthplace of American liberty" because of the town's involvement in the Revolutionary war. Today, Lexington has a population of about 30,000. It is criticized by many sorrounding towns as being rich and snobby. This is the case for some of its civilians. Otherwise, The people of Lexington are a fairly nice and modest bunch. It's schools have a well known sports program, especially the extremely large track team at Diamond Middle School. The high school has a very good rate of students that go to college after. 95%. so in conclusion, everyone who says Lexington sucks, probably hasnt ever been there.
"Lexington, MA rocks! It's the best town in Massachusetts!"
AGP1가 작성 2007년 10월 25일 (목)
A really awesome town which is frequently stereotyped by people who DON'T EVEN LIVE THERE. I have to admit, some of the high schoolers are spoiled jocks/barbies/bitches who party too much and wear only brand name clothing, but that is only a SMALL PERCENT OF THE STUDENT POPULATION! Most lexingtonians are smart, nice, and are gladly willing to help a lost tourist. Just because we have high property values doesn't make all residents insanely rich. A lot of the people that I'm friends with are smart, friendly, and have a bit of quirkiness in them that makes them extremely lovable. Also, Lexington's a gay friendly town that has various programs on gay/lesbian education. We don't call people "gay", "faggots", "homos", "dick lovers", and other stupid terms like that.
Monica: Oh, I have a friend from Lexington!
Kid from Boston: Are you kidding me? Lexington kids are spoiled preps who play a million sports and buy only brand name things because they think anything else is beneath them. They party way too much, drink, and spend most of their time getting high.
Monica: Have you even been to Lexington, Ma or met someone from Lexington?
Kid from Boston: No...
meghan0421가 작성 2007년 05월 15일 (화)
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