A preferred magnet high school in the SW area that students from other zones try to get into. One of the better schools (OK Catonsville is probably nicer, but everybody likes the underdog) in the area. Working-class neighborhood school free from the pretensions of blue ribbon schools in wealthier areas that are full of private school rejects. There is a problem with teen pregnancy, but that’s because the boys are so handsome and the girls can’t help it. Populated by the coolest kids in Baltimore County: retro punks and metal heads, grunge, emo, goth, jocks, cheerleaders, but no preppies thank you very much. Test scores rising, making AYP, and excellent GT and AP classes. Lansdowne is better than you think – it has to be.
Lansdowne High School. Teachers are hired and stay. There are no openings. A school where teachers want to work says a lot.
C Rhys가 작성 2010년 06월 19일 (토)
Top Definition
a hellhole. full of sports teams who suck more dick than kristen possenal, who than get caught by the other teams with white shiit on their mouths, HEY! kinda like mr. gula.
All of our jocks are on steroids; & all have extremely tiny to no cock.

we have camels, chewbaccas christine gavin, pregnant whores, mentally challenged children who beat the fuck outta our football players, crack heads, crackwhores, illegal immigrants, & just plain old burnouts.

our test scores are lower than any other school, we hold the highest dropout & teen pregnancy rate than ANY OTHER SCHOOL IN MARYLAND! our teachers are pedophiles. & our vice principle is an alcoholic who hits on student's parents.
first day of school,in Lansdowne high school, ninth grade year,a guy & a girl meet; nine months later from that date
a new lansdowne crackbaby is born & the father, unknown.
uneducated kunt가 작성 2006년 11월 03일 (금)
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