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The best guy you could ever meet. He always knows just what to say to absolutely melt your heart. Usually quite handsome and an excellent musician. He's the funniest guy you know, and always has a warm smile. Landon is very smart, practical, cool, athletic, sweet, and DEFINITELY a gentleman. He won't throw your heart away, and would never expect anything in return. Landon: the perfect man.
Wow, I've got to find me a Landon!
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pseudonym1245가 작성 2010년 12월 12일 (일)
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Landon is a guardian angel. He is handsome, sweet, caring, great with kids, funny, athletic, strong, taller than most, determined, brave, spontaneous, romantic, protective, and charming.

He loves the sports that everyone can enjoy, even when little, like baseball. He's the guy who keeps you wondering about what his next "hero" trick will be to impress the one he likes. He's the one who is protective of those he cares for. Landon makes his special someone feel warm and comfortable every time she walks into his presence. Being with him will make you feel better, no matter what mood your in. Landon has the ability to take you to a completely different world, to keep you all to himself, to where he can treat you with respect and loyalty.

His eyes are definitely something else. Although they are brown, they are a different, and beautiful shade of it. Gazing into them will hold you captivated in time, and will make you never want to leave. You forget everything else exists just by looking into his eyes, because they take you so deep into his soul.

He has a smile to die for. His laugh is sexy, and his voice is deep, but just to the right pitch to give you chills. All three make your legs quiver, and you ears crave to see or hear them again. When he smiles, you can't help but smile back.

Landon is my soulmate. My Romeo. My Prince Charming. He is the reason I can wake up everyday and take on the world with confidence. Landon is my world, my everything.
#amazing #heavenly #athletic #loving #landon
9'TheWildOne'9가 작성 2012년 04월 18일 (수)
The act of a male ejaculating onto a female's stomach, and then immediately after, consuming said ejaculatory material.
I got Landon'd!

He Landon'd me.
She got Landon'd. Then immediately left the room screaming.
#ejaculation #landon #landoned #landoning #sex #stomach #nice guy #sexual act #dirty sanchez
ForTehJunk가 작성 2010년 06월 03일 (목)
the coolest person has this name. he is usually handsome, athletic, artistic, fresh, dope, musical, cool, but a nerd, and different all at the same time.
"That guys name is Landon, He is awesomely DOPE!"

"Landon is the coolest guy I know!"

"His name is Landon?" "Well, I know hes the man!"
#landon #nerd #cool #athletic #awesome #handsome #fresh
Ellis Brey가 작성 2008년 04월 24일 (목)
The overall perfect guy. He knows exactly how to treat a lady, won't break your heart, and expects nothing from you. He's extremely handsome, has the most amazing smile, and big brown eyes to match his brown hair. They're easy to get lost in and will make you melt every time he looks at you. He's very talented, both athletically and musically. Landon is the funniest, smartest and sweetest person you've ever met. He's very indecisive but knows exactly what to say in every situation. He's very mysterious about his personal life and no one would guess about his sorrowful past. He is truly a gentleman. He's unbelievably polite, the kind of guy a girl wants to bring home to her parents. The guy every girl dreams of marrying. He's great with both animals and kids. He has more friends than you can count, but still manages to make you feel important to him. He is quiet and shy around strangers but those who know him know his true personality.
Girl A: Who was that guy you were talking to? It's like he doesn't have any flaws!
Girl B: That was Landon, isn't he just perfect?
#gentleman #handsome #perfect #polite #athletic #musical #muscular #tan #friendly #smart #funny #hilarious #intelligent #sweet
The Average Teenager가 작성 2013년 03월 31일 (일)
A sweet guy who is charismatic, romantic and fiercely protective over what he cares for. Even though he doesn't open up to people that often, he isn't rude or abrasive in his mannerisms. A Landon has the cutest smile, a awesome taste in music, a 'douchebag' car, and blue-green-gray eyes. Any girl would be lucky to have a Landon of their own. Landons found have often been measured to be over 6' tall.
Person 1: I've finally caught a Landon of my own!
Person 2: Congrats... I wish I could find one too...
#sweet #funny #romantic #tall #protective
kakkmaddafakkah가 작성 2013년 04월 23일 (화)
The boy I am in love with.
"Dang...his smile. :) That's my Landon S."
#sweet #nice #jerk #lovible #kind #tall #show-off
Still Waiting For You가 작성 2012년 10월 15일 (월)
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