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An educational television show shown by teachers in Spanish classes. It is done in the form of a telenovela, and it's pretty much the cheesiest thing to ever be on Earth. It's about a really enthusiastic girl named Jamie who goes to Mexico with her classmate, Phillip. They go to a bunch of random places, enter a love triangle with an insanely horny guy named Carlos who works at a charity devoted to decreasing the use of pesticides and hates everything American, and get followed around by a creepy detective hired by a librarian that's actually supposed to guard them or something like that. The librarian also has a greasy assistant that keeps trying to hit on Jamie. (Basically, everyone is trying to hit on her.) Eventually, the chick gets all the land that her great grandmother owned back from some evil old politican and donates it to the pesticide charity. She decides to go back to America and leaves the horny Mexican guy devastated. It's memorable because of how completely ridiculous it is. Everybody dresses horrendously, and everything is just exaggerated. For proof on how terribly cheesy this is, look up "el baile de queso" on YouTube.

At least it's not el enredo
"MI BISABUELAAAAAA... La catrina!!!!

"Van a tu país, como todos los norteamericanos. ¡Tú, Jamie, TODOS!"

"Maríííía. Maria Linaaaaaaaares."

adamkrupinski가 작성 2013년 05월 05일 (일)
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