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Main character of the King of Fighters fighting game series.
He started in the Japan - Hero Team and then started being a Single Entry in later games.
Kyo can control flames and uses them in his Kusanagi fighting technique.
His rival is Iori Yagami, who uses tainted purple flames.
Their families are rivals since ancient times, but together they sealed Orochi away .
They do this again with Chizuru Kagura in KOF97.
Another friend and rival would be the vain Benimaru Nikaido.
His greatest fan is Shingo Yabuki ,he gave him his gloves.
He also had a girlfriend named Yuki,
but she was sacrificed to Orochi who needed a virgin sacrifice.
" You just ain't got it. Stop whining and get lost!"
Bari가 작성 2005년 02월 18일 (금)
The lead hero in the King of Fighters Series by SNK Playmore. He is the descendant of the ancient Kusanagi clan, who was responsible for, along with the Yagami and Yata clans, sealing away the spirit of Orochi, the god of destruction. He and Iori Yagami, the story's main anti-hero, is his main rival. As much as he hates Yagami, he does not wish his death. Rather he respects him as a truly powerful enemy, looking forward to their fights. Kyo has been known to team up with Iori and Chizuru Kagura, last descendant of the Yata clan in order to defeat evil. Together, these three are an unstoppable team. Kyo also has a girlfriend named Yuki, who is also descended from a woman who was almost sacrificed to the orochi god to appease him,
Kyo Kusanagi is famous for is flaming link combo punches.
Dan Fawaz가 작성 2006년 05월 08일 (월)
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