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Kicks of the day.
Meaning, your shoes of the day
"Hey man nice shoes"
"Thanks, they are my kotd's of the day"
Ohcho가 작성 2012년 08월 02일 (목)
stands for King of the Dot and not much else. Canadian rap battle organization. Pre written rap battles, three rounds hosted by a rapper named Organik. Established by Organik in Toronto, a safe haven for assholes to call eachother faggot all day, with an audience of mostly men. There are divisions popping up all over Canada. Very interesting rhyme scheme if their is one. Lots of stress placed on all the syllables. Rap slow homie, rap hard. Most battles can be found on youtube. Loosely associated with Grindtime down in the states. Don't let the high definition video fool you, this is strictly low brow.

Rappers say racist, homophobic and generally stupid shit to get a rise out of opponents and audience. Their defense is that they're not racist, and that they make up new definitions for words.

Many respectable rappers appreciate KOTD, however if these battles reached a wider audience, KOTD would probably have a lot more haters.
Organik: Rapper to my right introduce yourself
Rapper 1: Flirt Bag Master Hand
Organik: Rapper to my left, introduce yoursef
Rapper 2: Rape Joke Steven
Organik: (flips a coin and rapping begins)
Rapper 1: omg you are such a faggot

move over your you might get shot, blah blah blah blah blah, K.O.T.D.
D. Comment가 작성 2012년 01월 05일 (목)
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