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Individuals who come to study abroad with no intention of actually working hard in their studies. Live off the wealth of their parents which they squander daily on alcohol and shopping. Smoking is a necessity, especially in front of the school library. Will only befriend you with an ulterior motive.
Never one to be trusted or taken seriously. Don't have much respect for anyone but themselves and believe that money can solve everything. Males who already completed military service are the worst. Their pride eats away their brain and believes that violence and force is the only solution to all problems. Known to cheat excessively in groups on exams even under the watchful eye of university professors. Known to beat women and will demand respect from people younger than they are. Addicted to hearing the term "hyung" far more than their counterparts in Korea. Will often hide behind their religion to look innocent. "Christianity" is often a mask to hide their thoughts and is also a way to get women.

This applies mostly to 90% of Korean international students in respective universities. The other 10% are well known hard workers who try very hard to adapt to their respective academic settings and social atmospheres.
Korean International student: Hey let me sit next to you for the test.
Korean american: No
IS: What the hell man??
KA: Moves away quietly.
IS: Looks for a different target.
No87654321가 작성 2010년 06월 08일 (화)
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