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You must know what a Korean Drama is first: A Korean drama is a highly addictive form of serial entertainment that uses rollercoaster-like twists and cliffhanger endings to hook the audience. (In the Korean language, and have Korean actors, but you can find every drama with subs)

How you become addicted:
1. You have to watch a Korean movie first: 200 Pounds Beauty or 100 days with Mr. Arrogant
2. First drama you should watch Boys before flowers (boys over flowers) you can find it on utube or on .
3. A few other ones that are good to start out with are...You're Beautiful, Personal Preference, and Princess Hours.

Once you become addicted, you begin to learn the pattern of things... and you can move on to more complex Korean dramas... For example Lie to Me is a great Korean drama, but it can be hard to understand the plot line.

Few ways to tell you’re addicted:
1. You began to fantasize about Korean Guys and marrying one
2. You Fallow every new Korean Drama that is coming out
3. You want to go to Korea
4. You think you love life is going to turn out the same way
5. You began to watch them with out English subs, even though you still don't know Korean
6. You begin to teach yourself Korean

Trick to watch Korean dramas:
1. You have to watch the first 3 episodes
2. English subs!!!
3. You have to watch them alone they sound really cheesy with other people
6. The hotter the guys the better (hot actors are...Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Lee Hong Ki, ex…)
Some one that talks like a Korean Drama Addict

- they are sooo hot...Did you hear about the new Korean drama coming out. Lee Min Ho is in it, I don't even know why people think Whites or Black people are hot when Asians are just so smexy! I'm going to beg my Mom to let me go to South Korea so I can club with hot Korean guys and live there for the rest of my eternity, and marry a Korean man. Oh, and I went on Yesstyle to buy 100 pieces of Korean clothing; yeah, all from Korea! Saranghe!
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