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By far, the sexiest street legal car in any country. This car has 1100hp as a standard. Not only is it the fastest street legal car at 273mph, but it is one of the most beautiful thing many have laid eyes upon. The car will shit on a Bugatti any day, even on a wet track. The tires have the best traction, it's equal to the traction freshly lotion'ed hands have upon a firm behind. The carbon fibers that they put on the Agera S made the car 13% sexier than it already was before as the plain Agera R. And now you don't have to pay for expensive gas because this motherfucker runs on E85 too. The V8 will make any bitch have an orgasm if she sits on the rear of the car, because that's where nice cars house the engine. The Agera cannot be compared to any other car unless you are simply stating how much it shits on the other car.

This motherfucker sounds like a GE9000 engine at full throttle on a 747 when it passes you going 250mph at Nuremberg. (Fuck your umlauts Germans.)

The koenigsegg agera r/s is in the price range that you cannot afford. Only rich folks like myself may one day have the chance of purchasing a $2,700,000.00 car.

Koenigsegg is only spelled like that so stupid Americans can read it and pronounce it right otherwise it would be Königsegg. That's why my PC doesn't give me red squiggly lines under it when I type it in.
Holy shit was that a Königsegg (Koenigsegg Agera R/S)?

Yes, indeed it was. I'm going to need a towel because I just shit, pissed, jizzed, and vomited all over myself Braj.
ShroomBraj가 작성 2013년 04월 10일 (수)
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