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A town in central North Carolina, located east of Raleigh. It is referred to as 'K-Town' by it's residents. It's landmarks include: a wal-mart, a KFC, and US-64, the main road running through the center of Knightdale. It is arguably the worst place to live in North Carolina.
Dude, I'm straight outta Knightdale
Rmilkman가 작성 2008년 08월 20일 (수)
Town located just east of Raleigh NC along US-64. known by most in the area as the shittiest place on earth. populated by gangster mexicans from east LA and country gangsters (black people from towns east who try to be gangster, but can't get past the accent.)

Also used to describe something extremly ghetto, run-down or broke.

Also used as an insult to anyone not from Knightdale.1
Stay out of KNIGHTDALE!

Yo, that car is KNIGHTDALE as hell!

Yo mama is so damn KNIGHTDALE!
los-er가 작성 2006년 07월 29일 (토)
very nice place to raise ur shilds an chillens to get loot like there scumbag ass dads did sellin any thing an there body we hard bodied niggas and we surounded by fuck niggas i watch boondock er night m'boy edriese do to so leme kno and ill come merk on you fuck niggas we clap biscuits round here peel the grapes split the wigs countin figs i should be a rapper myself wouldnt listen to lil wayne tell me bout his money he a fuck nigga to fuck g-unit we full up wit parkside power rangers, the grey city wolves, the blake jonsons, aj's posse, the goonies (minus sloth and ralph) ect. i put a pop-tart in the toaster and it didnt pop out, you know what i did i went an killed me a fuck nigga, after i shot him he cried out "stop killing me" i told him
full a fuck niggas in knightdale seems like all i see is scumbags out here its like god shit right here and called it knightdale
Tp da lyracist가 작성 2008년 08월 07일 (목)
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