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a Sexy girl who knows what she's doing in life. She loves to bite.
Kaylee's are rare creatures and tend to fall easy. When handling Kaylee be sure to catch her if she falls. Kaylee is not a whore. She is good with her tongue and an intense kisser. Be kind to her because She was created a fighter but loves to be a lover. She is one amazing creature.

She's amazing, dude she's a total Kaylee!

She is so sexy and she knows what she wants out of life, She's such a Kaylee.
oh dang lets bang가 작성 2008년 05월 24일 (토)
someone crazy and cute. Extremely crazy but she'll end up winning you over anyways. Kaylee's are great friends and very loyal. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to meet one.
Wow she's HOTT !!!!

Yeahh she's a Kaylee!!
Kenzerz가 작성 2008년 08월 10일 (일)
is an amazing person who has a good head on her sholder and is a great friend easy to trust and is a lot of fun she can be a bitch but thats why people love her and dam....she gotta donk!
man that girl is such a kaylee
gabber0829가 작성 2008년 09월 08일 (월)
beautiful for starters an extremely amazing person at heart nice kind and just all around amazing. has lips that are as soft as the petals on a rose, skin as soft as velvet and a touch that can bring a smile to any ones face defnitly the most beautiful person i have meet in a long time in side and out
shes just Kaylee wat more is there
jacjack가 작성 2010년 02월 03일 (수)
Super Rad cool girl, who is one of the funniest people I know. Rock on! :D
That girl is so fine, funny, and rad, that must be Kaylee! :D
co-floork-owner가 작성 2007년 04월 07일 (토)
The FUNNIEST FUNNIEST girl you could ever possibly meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's absouluty AMAZING!

She's REALLY REALLY talented she can do almost anything possible...Kaylee's tend to be REALLY REALLY into music, and are amazing singers, and musicians. They are the most beautiful girls. They are really really sexy. The ones with the "Blue eye's & Natural blonde hair" are the sexiest of all. (Most dye it though) Most become famous before the age of 13... The music mostly runs in the family...She's hilarious and is a total dare-devil. They have the best lips and are the best kissers. They have the prettiest eyes...Most are blue. They are a crack-up, and people can't stay away or keep their eyes off of her. She's usally tall & very skinny. She's probably the most popular girl in the entire school, so your really lucky if you get a chance to make her yours for a while. Their not heartbreakers. They love long relationships and can really keep you entertained. She has the most amazing sense of humor and they never EVER get you bored. They are very crazy & outgoing.

Most play every single instrument possibly known. The guitar is her best friend. She can make any guy fall for her in a single conversation. Guys will do anything for her and become her best friends. She's not like other girls at all she's very different, and loves music and jokes.

So, if your lucky enough to have her has a friend, espeicialy as a guy, go get her! She's very rare and hard to find! :D
"That's Kaylee, Gosh she's so talented...SHE'S SO FUNNY! :D"
UrbanDictionaryOfficialTeam가 작성 2010년 03월 02일 (화)
Very beautiful, and can make any guy fall for her. She is hilarious, nobody can seem to keep away or keep their eyes off her! She always steals the spotlight somehow, and she deserves the attention. They are very talented at anything they put their mind to. They are amazing singers, and dancers. They are also wonderful kissers! You will be going back for more! You're extremely lucky if you meet one, because they are the ones that everybody wants in their arms. They are very athletic, and are beyond amazing at sports. Literally anything! They tend to grow up to be successful. VERY VERY VERY FUNNY, it never gets boring with Kaylees. If you find one, make her yours! I can guarentee that she will make you happy and your heart race forever in love. They are so loving and caring, they're everything you could ask for. The ones with the gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful wavy/curly hair are the ones to fall for. They are very skinny and some are pretty tall. You won't regret meeting a Kaylee.
Because that's what a Kaylee is, LUCKY ASS.
Yourmomwishedshecouldtouchthis가 작성 2011년 06월 13일 (월)
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