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Kamecia is a variation of Kamecia, which may come from either Indian or Hebrew. In Indian, it means intelligent, talented, accomplished, beautiful, approaching or constituting a maximum of accomplishments, and the highest exalted. In Hebrew, Kamecia means "rising, ascending.

Kamecia Tutt is a Native Indian, Black African American woman who was born on September 5, in Jeffersonville, In. She moved to Florida when She was 4yrs old and She started drawing at the age 5. She was born as an artist, cartoonist, singer, model, business owner, and a fashion expert. Kamecia created Churky the Cartoon at the age 15 in 1998 with a vision to make Churky the next, well known cartoon in history. Kamecia attended Nova High School and shortly after graduation she opened her graphic design company called, "Designs by Kamecia" which is the division of Churky Apparel. Kamecia then began writing educational books, such as, All about Churky and Situations. She started her modeling career at the age 20 in 2004. Kamecia was later signed to International models in Charlotte, NC. She appeared in Nascar as a model for Dale Earnhardt, Sunny Morrision Runway show, mami Magazine editorial ad, and many other modeling events. Kamecia attended the Art Institute of Charlotte to enhance her skills in art and digital design in 2002. Shortly, after her graduation in 2009, she was signed as a model and actress to Whilemina Models/Evolution Talent in Charlotte NC which is one of the best agencies in the US. Later on that year, her career as an artist, owner, fashion designer, model and actress took off.

She has appeared in the movie Gospel Hill as an actress, television talk show as being interviewed and so much more.

Kamecia, an accomplished woman is well on her way to becoming an American icon.
#smart #gifted #complete #pretty #professional
Mescie가 작성 2009년 03월 25일 (수)
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