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Kabrinas are extremely unique, loving and beautiful people they are smart and don't trust easily. Kabrinas tend to attract people with problems due to there talent of giving good advice and being very passionate. They can be shy, but once you get to meet them they are probably the craziest people you will ever meet. Because Kabrinas are so unique, they tend to attract many different kinds of guys. The true soul mate of a Kabrina will be just as passionate as her and will love all of the odd little things about her. Kabrinas are naturally peace makers and problem solvers, they love working with people, especially children. They are nice to everyone and it is hard for them to reject others. Even though Kabrinas are so loving, caring, nice, and passionate, don't underestimate them. If they don't like you there is probably a good reason for it and you should take a good look at yourself, they are not afraid to speak there mind and tell you how it is. They really stand up for what is right and should be looked up to by others around them. If you are the parent of a Kabrina you know they don't let others in easily but when they love, they love you with all their heart, family means everything to them, especially their parents and siblings. Words can not explain how magnificent these girls are, there are very few, and they have a huge heart, that is what makes them so special. They are truly a beautiful gift from god; they are gods angels. The name even stands for "Heaven".
Kabrina is so nice!
Who doesn't love Kabrina?
Tay2669가 작성 2013년 06월 12일 (수)
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