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John Hodgman is a witty Yale-educated humorist known for his contributions to Apple's "Get a Mac" ads and as a Resident Expert for 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'. He plays the role of the PC in the 'get a mac' commercials, but in real life he is a mac user.

•He is the author of 'The Areas of My Expertise', which is a compendium of complete world knowledge (A.K.A. lies). Though he acknowleges they are in fact untrue, his quietly-convincing, deadpan humor style will make you think otherwise.

•He first started being a regular on TDS soon after he promoted his book on the show. He was invited back to be a contributor/correspondent.

•He is the host of an entertaining series called 'The Little Gray Book Lectures', which are humorous demonstrations, discussions, readings, songs, and presentations. He is accompanied by Jonathan Coulton, a talented singer/songwriter who is his friend and trubadour.

•He is a former professional literary agent; he worked for Bruce Campbell.
He later contributed to Mcsweeney's 'Ask a Professional Literary Agent'.

•He has appeared on 'This American Life' and made many contributions to them

•He plays the 'Deranged Millionaire' in They Might Be Giants' Venue Songs DVD

•His favorite words are 'that', 'is', and 'all'. I wonder why...

John Kellogg Hodgman generally kicks ass. Enough said.
Interviewer: "Has becoming an author made you more contemptuous of the lesser-beings in society, i.e. your readers?"

John Hodgman: "You would have to be an ass to ask such a question.

That is all."

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