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Noun. A time of chilling and peace. Often held as a barbeque though not necessarily always needed to be a Jogaque.

Participants in the Jogaque will eventually enter a state of mind known as Joga. A barbeque is the traditional way to enter this mindset due to the high levels of salmonella that enter the bloodstream from all the poorly cooked meat. However alcohol and buddha are often needed to acheive perfect enlightenment.

Rumour is that once in Joga, the great, merciful Lord Visram will appear to you and give you one of his many blessings depending upon just how 'enlightened' you are.

It came into place to celebrate the last official Joga, when the Prince of Theives, Lord Visram cast a flame of Allah into the shopping trolley to cook and destroy forever the massaging antichrist, Adams Snr.

Ever since the followers of Visrabia hold Jogaques to commemorate this event and give thanks to Lord Visram for his bountiful mercy. What is actually done at the Jogaques vary but usually it is tradition to shoot a fellow followers with an air rifle, eat inhuman amounts of raw meat, play Joga Bonito outside cinemas and rape random hoes.
And the Great Lord Visram raised his sidekick up into human form from a flea and he saw it was good.

And the Great Lord Visram created SOV and it was good.

And on the last day, Lord Visram created Jogaque...

and it was good.
Andy Horse가 작성 2007년 06월 23일 (토)
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