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An overly loving and kind person. Nice to everyone she meets and refrains from using aggressiveness towards people. Has many friends and treats them like they mean the world to her. She also comes from a loving family and tends to prefer daddy over mommy but loves them equally. She has a strong and one of a kind bond with all her siblings.

Originating from 'Isha' - A ruling Goddess.

An 'Ishaanaa' typically has luscious lips, eyes to die for, a rather nice booty and sexy as hell ! Also, an extremely rare and unique name. People who hold this name or know anyone by this name should consider themselves lucky.'Ishaanaa' is destined for a great life. She very rarely finds herself in relationships but when she does, she clings on forever and showers her boyfriend with everlasting love.

She is also a problem solver. Friends often come to her for advice. Anyone that shows disrespect to an 'Ishaanaa' is generally an asshole because who could do such a thing right ?

people named 'ishaanaa' greatly take pride in their name. Overall, one of the greatest people to ever have in your life.
Wow, Ishaanaa is really a true friend !
freakonaleash_69가 작성 2009년 04월 09일 (목)
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