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The Internet Gangsta derived from the lowest depths of the world wide web. AOL is believed to be responsible for this, thus they are sometimes referred to as an AOL Gangsta or internet hard ass. They have no clue about what real gang life, struggling, fighting, slangin', or jail is like, outside of their computer monitor. They often have a group of other Internet Gangstas to accompany them on their many trips to the "Internet Slums" where they can let all the others in the chat know of their reputation and ability to do a drive by typing on your e-mail or send you a gangsta virus. They often talk in online ao133t and say things like "dont mess with me", 'my crew will fuck you up", and "i represent crips, southside AOL fo life niggas". All threats made by Internet Gangstas should be chalked up to complete and total bullshit, seeing as the user can't:
A.) Run his mouth in person, and,
B.) Is a mid-upper class whiteboy with something to prove.

Also see: internet tough guy and internet thug.
bloodkilla: yea me n da boys spammed dis email last nite dawg fo real!!11
bloodkilla_nerd_posse: yea dawgz dont fucks wit the aol posse ya digs!?!?@?344
bloodkilla_nerd2: yea represtent yo clik man, westside online slums fo life G!!111
bloodkilla: yea dawg, ne1 say diff no dey git a virus fuckn wit us G11!1
Joe가 작성 2004년 08월 30일 (월)
you because your reading this web site for gangsta related shit, instead of going out on the street and selling drugs and getting fucked up.
Get CruCNK NiGga!!!..... oh wait you dont get fucked up cuz your in intanet gansta..

Im smacked as shit
G-unit가 작성 2004년 10월 07일 (목)
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