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The newest edition of the world's worst internet browser- Internet Explorer

A.K.A. IE 8

Fortunately, it has not been released yet,(true on 03 May 2009), featuring the latest round of security holes. The only people that will use this crappy program will be:

- People that have never used a computer
- People that are working on a computer at work, school/ other organization who cannot escape this program due to software restrictions.

This program is so bad, that Microsoft (the horrid mother of this program) are planning to force this piece of useless software into people's computers via auto-update.*

Features include:
- No support
- Automated crashes
- Sudden Lags
- Stolen Features
- FREE YES FREE, default viruses
- Included bonus: Allows credit card details to be stolen!
- Takes longer to load then the average American child (weighing 300lb) takes to run 400 meters.
- A gateway for hackers

To escape this hellhole, simply Google "Mozilla Firefox", though you are fucked, if there is a software restriction thingy-majig.

The vast numbers of people who use this program to acquire Mozilla Firefox means that Microsoft may even consider to block, banishing the user to a lifetime of Mozilla Firefox.

FACT: It's ugly sister, Internet Explorer 6, is the #1 cause of Angry German Kid.

* Though it has not been released yet, we know it will be crap, because it is genetically shit, as we have seen in the previous internet explorers.
(Note, these examples aren't that good)

Person 1: ARRGGGHHH FUCK! Internet Explorer 8 just got me these porn pop-ups, and my mum came in the room, and saw one of the pop-ups!
Person 2: Dude, have you not heard of Mozilla Firefox?


Person 3: NOOOO! My computer just got Internet Explorer 8!
Person 4 (Mozilla user): Don't you use Firefox?
Person 3: It does it automatically!
Person 4: (Sees IE 8 being downloaded) SHIT! (computer begins to lag)
Cheekyvincent가 작성 2009년 05월 03일 (일)
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