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Someone who thinks a band is automatically "bad" or "uncool" as soon as they recieve the tiniest bit of success. They will ignore that "successful" band and then rush to Pitchfork or some other snobby music site to find some obscure band to replace them.
Indie snobs think that Modest Mouse became uncool when "The Moon and Antarctica" was released; when "Float On" became a hit, indie snobs had ignored the band for quite a few years.

However, you aren't an indie snob if you hate Death Cab for Cutie for showing up on the OC. All you have is common sense.
aleclair가 작성 2005년 07월 03일 (일)
A person, usually a self appointed "Musician" who particularly entertains the idea that their taste in music is really different and unique to everyone else's, and is usually convinced that any band who experiences commercial success has "sold out", even if said fan may have previously claimed to have liked that band before their peers.

Putting three Indie Snobs in a room together is usually dangerous and somewhat anti social, as they will continually argue with each other over who liked a band first.
Regular John: Mate. Muse are playing in a few months, I haven't seen em yet. Wanna go?

Indie Snob: Bitch please, I saw them years ago when they still played in bars.

Indie Snob #2: Yeah? I went to High School with one of them.

Indie Snob #3: Pretty sure I was there watching their grandparents have sex, you're all newcomers.
sscreenager가 작성 2010년 04월 30일 (금)
someone who is into "indie music" and thinks all other music is unworthy. Indie snobs typically look down on all other music genres and, as a result, think they are superior to other music fans and have superior music taste.

Indie snobs are typically white, middle class, wear black t-shirts, glasses with thick black frames, and smell like stale cigarettes.
Just Me가 작성 2003년 08월 19일 (화)
An indie snob is not like a hipster. They'll listen to an indie pop band, but any other form of pop is a no no. They particularly hate on Dance music. This is offensive to the average person because dance music is a big part of pop culture today. They like getting under people's skin, especially Lady Gaga fans, and tell them that their artist make manufactured pop music. An indie snob hates all pop music, and loves all indie music. They'll usually have 100+ indie bands on their iPods, and download each and every song the bands have made. If your friend ever becomes an indie snob, avoid talking to him about music.
John: How can you listen to that pop music. It's so manufactured and processed.
Chris: Then what should I listen to? Indie Snob....
John: ........You just listen to way too much pop music.
Chris: Yeah, and you listen to way too much shitty music.
John: Well at least it's not fake!
Chris: Yeah, okay. Keep being a dipshit.
Ladygagabb1가 작성 2012년 09월 04일 (화)
a person who just sometimes in mi friends case changes over night to one and automatically hates and bashes all teh bands they like say like a week before they are absolutely asking to get beaten up and porbably will by people like me who apparently doesnt listen to real music..i listen to metal and thats nto real? i ask them whats real they say i cant say so whatever if ur friend becomes one of these immedialty try to change them or get rid of them if ur life is all about music..
me:dude that kid jsut flicked his nose at u for wearing a lamb of god shirt!
metalhead friend: that fgt lets kill him
me: k

*beats up little snobby indie snob*
headbangerjohn가 작성 2006년 07월 31일 (월)
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