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Someone who claims to be a massive fan of the big British guitar bands (plus The Strokes) despite only really knowing their greatest hits. Two years ago they were into The Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs and Dizzee Rascal.

They all idolise Noel Gallagher, have some fascination with Mod culture and all claim how they wish they were from Manchester and/or alive in the 1960s. They also think that owning the best of The Jam and The Who, and wearing Fred Perry makes them a Mod.

A lot have Tumblr accounts and upload black and white pictures of all their favourite bands just to show how Indie they are.

Because a fair few listen to Indie bands from the 70s and 80s such as The Stone Roses, The Smiths and Joy Division, they're so retro and individual compared to their peers who are all apparently Justin Bieber fans, despite how there are hundreds of Topman/Topshop clad poseurs just like them on Twitter.

The great irony here is that despite how they clearly think they're unique and proper Indie, their musical taste doesn't stretch beyond bands that have huge critical acclaim and have sold thousands upon thousands of records.

Oh yeah, they also tweet about how they hate mainstream music, as if the likes of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys are obscure cult acts who haven't released some of the biggest selling records in UK history.
Indie wannabe's twitter bio: Oasis - The Stone Roses - Arctic Monkeys - The Libertines - The Smiths - Miles Kane - The Jam - The Strokes - The Beatles - The Jam - The Courteeners - Joy Division - The Who - The 60s - Mod Culture - Mancs

Person: "So you're a big Indie fan, what do you think of Indie bands like My Bloody Valentine, Pavement, Super Furry Animals and The Flaming Lips?"

Indie Wannabe: "WTF?! They're not Indie! They don't sell their shirts in Topman or dress like football casuals! Now fuck off, I'm trying to listen to Not Nineteen Forever like a true individual Indie kid!"
Totes Indie가 작성 2012년 07월 08일 (일)
Someone who says she/he listens to indie, when in reality all their music comes from websites that advertise as a place to get "indie rock" therefor not making it indie. Also someone who claims to know an indie band when in reality he/she just claims to in order to be accepted.
Indie kid: Do you know this band?

Indie wannabe: Yeah totally

Indie kid: name one of their songs.

Indie wannabe: uhmm...

Indie kid: exactly
Ninjahero가 작성 2010년 06월 07일 (월)
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