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1. An individual of several species of wild mountain goats living in a variety of ecosystems in Eurasia, Africa, and the Middle East. Extreme similarity in the horns cause them to appear as one horn in profile, thus some people believe Ibex may be the origin of the mythical unicorn.

2. A designer and provider of premium outdoor apparel and gear They specialize in merino wool and organic wool clothing, organic cotton, sportswear, merino wool baselayers, travel clothing, and technical wool apparel. Their stuff performs really well and looks great so you can enjoy the outdoors without looking like a dirtbag or a lab rat. Ibex also specializes in luxurious merino wool cycling jerseys, wool cycling shorts, retro wool cycling apparel, wool bike shorts, wool cycling jerseys and wool bike clothes and tops. These cycling clothes perform as well as their Nordic skiing clothes from the outdoor collections. Ibex has wonderful everyday outdoor lifestyle wear that you can wear for travel and adventure then out to dinner. Ibex is known for their environmental responsibility. Ibex uses New Zealand Merino wool, Loden wool and organic cotton in all their outdoor clothing. Ibex products are available in only the best outdoor specialty shops, such as The Trailhead in Buena Vista, CO.
Eric - "That's a great looking cycling outfit - but how's it going to perform on this ride up the pass? It may be mild down here, but it'll be cold and may be snowing at the summit."

Kristen - "It's Ibex, so it will perform well enough for me to kick your ass, and look and smell good enough to wear out drinking tonight!"
da Chetster가 작성 2009년 03월 08일 (일)
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