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To severely abuse power by financial means in a dictatorship-style, anti-American way.

Based on when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), under Lois Lerner and the Obama Administration, around 2010 starting harassing certain groups requesting tax-exempt status -- namely, political rivals considered "enemies" by Leftists and the Obama Administration -- by asking ridiculous questions such as what books their members were reading, what they had posted on social networking websites, and what they prayed about. The IRS also requested from these groups documentation including copies of "contracts or training material” the groups "may have exchanged with Koch foundations" and that if documentation wasn't provided, tax-exempt status would not be granted.
While other groups were granted tax-exempt status, these groups -- generally more conservative and sometimes on the "tea party" side of the spectrum -- were denied or were waiting up to three years for an answer on tax-exempt status, conveniently after the 2012 presidential campaign and election came and went.
This was yet another scandal under the Obama Administration brushed off by the administration and Leftists as "phony" despite serious evidence otherwise. Though as a result of the scandal, three high-ranking IRS officials resigned or retired, including Lois Lerner.
The IRS Scandal in 2013 was, unfortunately, just another example of the cheating and unethical behavior of the New Left, and the corruption and bias in the Obama Administration. Every American should be alarmed by this scandal, and appalled that some would actually try to deny it happened by calling it phony.
psarab가 작성 2013년 11월 28일 (목)
A scandal involving political organizations illegally claiming tax exempt status, section 501(c)(4) of the tax code specifically prohibits tax exempt non-profits from engaging in partisan politics
As part of the IRS scandal organizations like the Tea Party and NORML were investigated for violating the tax code, some rwnjs have suggested that the Obama Administration did something improper by allowing the IRS to enforce the law.
scrivener가 작성 2013년 12월 08일 (일)
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