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Hoosick Falls is a small town in upstate New York, basically in Vermont, which consists of 33 black people and 3,254 white people. You either go to the public school which is K-12 or the private, religious school St. Mary's til 8th grade and if you're too much of a angel when you're done there you will go to some other "nice" school. Theres no big businesses in Hoosick Falls and the only thing were famous for is Grandma Moses and having a lot of bars. The kids at the highschool are not diverse. There's about 5% ghetto dirt bags, 80% kids who have nothing special about them at all and are boring as fuck, 5% theatre kids,5% popular kids that think they rule the school, and then the rest is a mix of random kids. About half of the kids are proud alcoholics by the time they graduate. Typical hangouts include the courts, the U center, and Cumby's. Rumors spread so fast around here if you fuck someone in the bathroom at school the whole school will find out by the next class period. There is nothing to do for fun in the town and the closest mall or large city is an hour away. If you are from Hoosick Falls you automatically hate every surrounding small town just like you. The cops have nothing to do since there isnt much crime so they try to find stupid reasons to arrest people. Crossgates Mall is heaven.
Hoosick Falls kid 1: YO man you wanna go chill at the courts.

Hoosick Falls Kid 2: YEAA bro the flat bball and tennis courts are so much fun to hang out at. I just wanna stay there foreverrr. FUCK i LUV FLAT GROUND SO mucCH.

BigMacWithFries가 작성 2009년 03월 31일 (화)
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A quaint village of 3,500 situated on the Hoosic River in eastern New York state. Local history has roots in the railroad. 97.1% of residents are ethnically caucasian. There are essentially no attractions for tourists to visit although the autumn foliage is astounding.
Grandma Moses is famous in Hoosick Falls.
John M Valentine가 작성 2009년 01월 16일 (금)

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