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Acts in which homosexuals and men who pretend they aren't gay take part in. Homosexual acts often take place in parks, bathrooms, gym locker rooms, Queeen's Park (Toronto), Church Street Bathhouses and confessionals. Homosexuals acts include, baking, but are not limited to, blowjobs, handjobs, anal fingering, light petting, shopping, gossiping, nipple twisting, manicures, kissing (when two men kiss) anal sex, rim jobs, fisting, and watersports to name a few.
"Homosexual Acts" : Gossiping

"OMG ricky, did you see marks ass, I swear to GOD that fag is being such a donut eater, his ass is sooooooo big, and not in the good juicy ass way, the way you want to rim his tight little man hole, but in the way in which you think, GOD ricky go the fucking gym and do some squats bitch!"

Homosexual Acts : anal fingering

"Ok Lance, lick my finger, you'll want to lube it up good and wett so that your bum hole has an easy time taking my index, otherwise we might have anal tearing, and we don't want that!"

Homosexual Acts: Queen's Park (Toronto)

This is where many "gay" and not so "gay" men come to ride their bikes around late at night on the pathways behind the Ontario Legislature. It's odd because Queen's Park is surrounded by major roads with cars, and people whizzing by (not watersports). Men will often lean on trees, pretending to hold them up, meanwhile there hands are often on their dicks which are mysteriously hanging out of their zipped pants and or shorts. This is more popular in the summer as winter here is cold and frostbite is a concern!
Nevets Setab가 작성 2009년 01월 09일 (금)
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