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The act of going out, finding, and beating the shit out of a hobo. Hobo hunting is an art, and should only be done by professionals, or under the supervision of a professional. The object of hobo hunting is to cause as much pain as possible, and to drag out the poor fuckers life out for as long as you please. Hobo hunting is usually commited with blunt objects, such as, baseball bats, 2x4s, metal pipes, crowbars and many others. Hobo hunting is a good way to help clean up the enviroment. There are six steps to ensure your next hunt will be a secussful one:

Step 1: Get a few friends. Hobo hunting alone is very dangerous. Two to four people is the recomended amount for a safe hunt.

Step 2: Gear up. Make sure you are dressed in the proper clothing for your hunt. Baggy pants, oversized black hoddie, and a black bandana are alwasy a good choice.

Step 3: Find a hobo. You can't go hunting without some prey.

Step 4: Pick a location. The best place is in the woods. Either force the hobo to go where you want, or stalk him until he's in a sutible spot.

Step 5: Let the beating begin!

Step 6: Get rid of the evidence. Wether you chose to let him live, or decide to kill him you gatta make sure you won't get caught. If you followed step 2 he'll never know who you are. If you kill him rivers are always a good dump spot.
Guy 1: He wanna go hobo hunting with me?

Guy 2: I don't know....I mean I really don't wanna go to jail.

Guy 1: Naw it's ok, I followed the 6 step plan so were good.

Guy 2: ......I don't know what if.....

Guy 1: I'll let you use my baseball bat

Guy 2: Ok, lets go!
I Eat Midgets가 작성 2008년 11월 05일 (수)
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