A back up method used by (R) Governors to see ones girlfriend/mistress when you are told "no" with your first choice.
A "plan B" when honesty just screws things up, interferes with the plans.

A getaway that is meant to be "without contact"
"Honey, would you mind if I go to Argentina and screw my girlfriend?"
Her response: "No way are you going to see your little slut!"

"Honey what I meant to say is I need some alone time to fix this marriage I think I'll go {"Hiking the Appalachian trail!"}

"I won't bring my phone so I won't be distracted from my marriage saving thoughts."
#appalachian #hiking #mistress #governor #argentina
Bison80가 작성 2009년 06월 29일 (월)
Top Definition
Euphemism for preforming oral sex on a woman.

Specifically to lick from the bottom of a woman's labia upwards towards her clitoris.
Mark went 'Hiking the Appalachian Trail' much to the delight of his mistress.
#cunnilingus #mark sanford #oral sex #mistress #sex
Sanford and Sin가 작성 2009년 06월 25일 (목)
Sneak away to meet your mistress. ("Hiking the Appalachian Trail" is the first explanation of where South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford was when he disappeared.)
"Has anyone seen Jawann? I've been calling and texting him for three days and he's not answering."

"Uh, he's hiking the Appalachian Trail."

"Oh. Got it."
#mark sanford #mistress #appalachian trail #governor #south carolina
Frankie Fiveangels가 작성 2009년 06월 26일 (금)
Refers to someone's infidelity
"Did you hear about Mark's divorce? He was caught hiking the Appalachian trail."
#infidelity #fooling around #cheating #appalachain #sanford
dcwedge가 작성 2009년 06월 26일 (금)
v. To carry on an extramarital affair.
Governor Sanford can't meet with you today; he's "hiking the Appalachian Trail."
#booty call #getting it on the side #affair #cheating #eatin' ain't cheatin'
SkidMarkyMark가 작성 2009년 06월 25일 (목)
To be unfaithful to one's partner e.g. in an extramarital affair. Named after South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who was said to be hiking the Appalachian Trail, when actually he was visiting his mistress in Argentina.
"My husband has a lot of "meetings" and "conferences" to attend to lately. I think he might be hiking the Appalachian trail."
#affair #lover #mistress #sex #unfaithful
wordanista가 작성 2009년 07월 04일 (토)
Making a long-distance clandestine trip for purpose of an extramarital affair
If you can't find me next week, I"ll be hiking the Appalachian Trail.
#affair #sex #argentina #tryst #liason #rendezvous
RadINTP가 작성 2009년 06월 25일 (목)
cheating on your spouse
I was out "Hiking the appalachian trail"
#applachian #cheating #affair #unfaithful #cheat
Spartan1986가 작성 2009년 06월 30일 (화)
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