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a really fucking old building full of the sons and doughters of upper middle class men and woman, about 75-85% asian, 2% black, 5% russian, and everything else remaining. Most of the teachers are okey except the honer class ones, who are all almost as bad as middle school teachers. the school is known for its lack of walls, and lack of a cafeteria. instead there are "dividers" that are only about 5-6 feet high to turn open spaces into classrooms, and they have random tables spread around the school that only if u skip the last 5 minutes of the class you have before lunch ur able to get, other wise u sit on the ground with the other 15/16ths of the school. home of the pirates, and a football team thats better then norths. has all stereotypes, probably a larger amount of crack/coke heads then most schools most likely due to the high demandment of A's, and only has like 2 emo kids that r only emo cuz they have cool hair (so there not really emo) only parties that exist are the ones that phil kellam throws, and they usually suck except for when there's an occasional pot ocurment. thats basiclly it. its also pretty fucking boring like most high schools. and all the security gards AWSOME especially that one that rides her bike every where and the only time i actually see her in school is coming out of the bathroom
The curly fries line at high school south is about 7636484 miles long.
ktaker가 작성 2009년 10월 11일 (일)
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