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A white/latino/black/asian/indian or any other ethnicity (mostly white) person who constantly brags about their ethnicity or heritage.

Most of these people are only a small percentage of another heritage (such as German, British, Irish, Cuban, etc..)
They constantly brag about being only part, or all of a certain Ethnicity or Heritage.

White people will brag mostly about being a European, as latino's will brag mostly upon their own Ethnicty, using it as an excuse or some other lame bullshit idea.

Like myself for instance, i'm part Mexican (since my grandma is a full blown Mexican) part Italian, part Austrian, and part Russian, but do i constantly brag about it? No. Because no one cares. Since i'm white as hell, no one would believe me either.Espically about the whole Mexican part.
Guy 1: Why do you drink all that weird European Imported shit??

Guy 2: i'm Irish, Danish, and Samoan. I have to drink.

Guy 1: So fucking what. I've already told you what my ancestor ethnicity's are. See me bragging about them?? No.

Guy 2: You're fucking predigest against Irish people aren't you?

Guy 1: No i'm not, and you're only a small part of Irish, like any other asshole claims to be, Dumb ass.

Guy 2: You know, Samoan people like me can fuck you up in an instant. We're burly, big-ass Mo Fo's.

Guy 1: Dude, you're more white then me, your parents are more white then me, i've met your entire family, and they're all skinny, slender people. And not a single one had at least a single dark shade of brown.

Guy 2: You're just jealous because i'm Danish. We make bomb-ass food. Like the pastry you're eating right now.

Guy 1: You're such a Heritage Douche..
Just another opiononated guy..가 작성 2009년 09월 07일 (월)
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