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1. a red-headed monstrousity whom roams the halls from room to room; trashing belongings, sitting on Dad's Cookies, spilling popcorn, throwing coke-soaked napkins at white t-shirts, spilling whiskey on Nikes, spraying Febreze into open mouths, and just generally fucking up. quite simply put, "a fuck-up".

They are usually identifiable by their olympic-torch-like hair, and their overzellous, overly cocky attitude towards picking up the wimmenz. you cannot overlook his trademark bottle of absinthe, which he dispenses to intoxicate innocent, unsuspecting females in feeble attempts to lure them back to his "palace of love", that is usually found to be emptied of all funature and belongings.

2. a dude that is obsessed with brown bitties.

3. one who attempts to break the ice by wearing a young womans shirt
ie 1.

Guy 1 - omg what the hell is he doing, he just smashed my light, ate all my food, and spilled his drink all over the place!!
Guy 2 - what a fucken Henhoeffer.

ie 2.
Guy 1- holy shit did you see George and that brown chick last night..?
Guy 2 - omg he sooo pulled a Henhoeffer.

ie 3.

Girl 1 - omg look at that flamer in the fruity girl shirt!
Girl 2 - who keaton??
Girl 1 - no i mean the red-head!

Guillermo Galvan Galvan가 작성 2009년 11월 17일 (화)
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